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I’m Ella, the face behind the flowers . I’m 20 years old and started this lovely business in my parents garage beginning of 2021. There’s been a lot of changes since then and its grown bigger than i could have dreamed.

Ever since i could remember I’ve had a love for flowers, I was brought up on a flower farm after all! Horticulture has run in my family for generations. My mum is a commercial flower grower which has given me the advantage & knowledge to grow the bulk of my flowers myself.

I've always had a passion for creativity and art and love that I can show this through my floral designs. I am extremely proud to design stunning arrangements for weddings, events and homes. Along with custom work, I stock a number of stores with my dried flower bouquets.

Farro - Mairangi Bay Farro - Grey Lynn

Farro - Smales Farm

Farro - Epsom

Simply Flowers - Remuera Boric - riverhead

Flourish - Huapai

Blend - Huapai

My Floral Studio

Where the magic happens

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Farro - Mairangi Bay

- Grey Lynn

- Smales Farm

- Epsom

Simply Flowers - Remuera

The General - Epsom

Boric - Riverhead

How to care for your dried flowers to get the best out of them !

Dried flowers need to stay dry. Be sure to keep away from any moisture as it can cause mould to grow on them

Keep away from direct sunlight, this will fade the natural colour of the flowers.

Be gentle with your dried flowers, they are fragile.

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Evana & Craig

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